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iOrgani Pet Calming Steam Brush

iOrgani Pet Calming Steam Brush

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Have you ever experienced the struggle of trying to groom your pet who's anxious around water or traditional grooming tools? I certainly have. My beloved fur babies would often tense up at the sight of water or the sound of grooming tools, turning what should be a bonding experience into a stressful ordeal.

But then, I discovered something that changed everything - the iOrgani Pet Calming Steam Brush. From the moment I introduced it into our grooming routine, everything transformed. The gentle steam function not only effectively loosens dirt and debris from their fur but also provides a serene spa-like experience that instantly puts my cats and dogs at ease.

Now, grooming sessions are no longer a source of stress for my nervous cat and my energetic dog.  They have instead become times of relaxation and affection for all of my fur babies. 

The unique steam technology not only cleans but also relaxes my pets, making grooming sessions a joyous experience for all of us. 

I confidently say, if it worked for my fur babies, it will work for you too.


Our steam brush features an ergonomically designed handle that's easy to use and can rotate 360° for convenience.

It's USB rechargeable for continuous use and comes with a water tank where you can add water, softener, or deodorant to prevent static electricity and flying hair.

When grooming your pet, you can turn on the spray briefly to avoid over-wetting the hair.

Suitable for all cats, dogs, and other pets with long or short hair. It effectively removes loose, knotted, and tangled hair, leaving your pet looking beautiful.

Product Information:

Specifications: Porcelain White. Milk Brown.

Material: ABS

Applicable object: Cats. Dogs. Any Fur Pets.

Type: Pet Massage Comb


Packing list:
Massage comb X1

Product Image:

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